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The pinnacle of moviemaking: Fictional Entertainment. Give with your competition entry in the category "Story Telling" the drones film the perspective also to tell stories, not to use only the outstanding aerial technology of the drone, but to entertain with a "story" from the air the viewers. A good film always has a good story.

Minimum length 2 minutes
Maximum length 10 minutes
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Drones are an ideal tool for landscape and architectural films. By developing the DJI Phantom series and DJI Inspire 1, filmmakers can produce films with completely new perspectives. By using a drone filmmakers conquers a new dimension of filmmaking, a perfection which was a few years ago even with high budgets inconceivable. Set with your competition entry for the PEUGEOT DRONE FILMFESTIVAL the next level of landscape and architectural films.

Minimum length 1 min. 30 sec.
Maximum length 4 minutes
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Film drones shows sport in a new intensity. Extreme sports becomes by using a drone a new cinematic event. Tactics and history of team sports are presented by film drones in a new dimension. Show us a sport, the action of the sport, the fascination, the spectacle or his finesse by a competition entry in the category "sports".

Minimum length 1 min. 30 sec.
Maximum length 6 minutes
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If there is not a category your film fits , if your idea or your film is so good, so different, that you do not want to pack it in a category, then this is your Joker - Although your film does not participate in the competitions of the categories, but in the "GRAND PRIX" - if you reach with your film the "Jury Selection" you will be also invited to Castelfali.

Minimum length -NO-
Maximum length 15 minutes